ZEITGEIST/Money Clip-Crocodile_kk1100-CRC


* THIS PRODUCTS DO NOT SHIP Internationally.

It is a luxurious and minimal money clip using crocodile, called "king" in exotic leather.

It is a classic item in the shade since the brand started, but the design was born from the thought of "wasteful" by making use of the surplus leather parts when making bags and wallets.

Mild grassing is applied so that you can feel a moderate glossiness.

As it is tanned with dye, natural soft gloss increases.

It is a material that can be used every day, so it can be used every day, so you can feel beautiful gloss in a few days.

The leather contains a magnetic magnet, so put the bill firmly. It is also recommended as a stationary goods such as documents.

* Since the magnetism is strong, avoid using electronic cards such as credit cards.

Size/ H 5.5 W 3.5 D 1 cm

Materials/ Outside: Cowhide inside: Cowhide

Country of origin/ Japan

 Weight/ about 20g

Color: BLACK

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