Blooming/L Zip Multi Case_kk1106-GFT (Nickle Studs)


A compact wallet recommended for cashless people.

When the zipper is opened, two card pockets, pockets that store coins in the middle position, and two banknotes on both sides of the coin case. And you can store minimal cash and cards.

The front desk was a stud of Italian Ramponi. Studs are processed in Italy, and sewing is a high quality that has been carefully sewn in Japan.

This color is colored with colored studs. It is an item where you can feel the technical skills of Italy, which is well -painted but has a sense of transparency, and has the glitter of studs.

Size/ H 9.5 W11 D 0.6 cm

Materials/ exterior: Cowhide interior: rayon zipper: Raccagni (made in Italy)

Studs: Ramponi (Italy)


Weight/ 85g

Color: BLACK

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