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A minimal key ring using high-level diamond python.

It is a standard item in the dark, but it is a standard item in the shade, but the design was born from the thought of "no" to make use of the remaining leather part when producing the wallet.

Indonesia's diamond python is a class of high-grade materials with a small swing. There is no excessive processing, and it is tanned with a dye, so natural soft gloss comes out.As it is an item to be used daily, it is an item that uses every day, so it feels a beautiful gloss for a few days.Beige color is a material that changes aged in the color.

Close up exotic leather of luxury material. First of all, I think it is a good idea to experience from accessories.

 With carabiner that can be removed above and below, key rings can be deprecated as you like.

Size / H 14 (including bracket) 7 cm (body)

W 4(Including brackets)2.5 cm (body)

D 1.5 cm / key ring 3

Material / Outer: Snake leather inside: Cowhide

Production Country / Japan

Weight / about 50 g  

Color: BEIGE

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