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 Kumapu with an expression that doesn't say anything and standing. I feel like I want to hear a lot about him ....


【Description of item】

All leather but lightweight air series body bag.

We use leather with an elegant look that has a box -shaped and minimal design to suppress gloss.

The shoulder can be removed and can be hung on both the left and right shoulders.

If you remove the shoulder, you can use it as a horizontal clutch bag.

It is a size that can store plastic bottles and folding umbrellas while compact.

The interior has a pocket back and forth, so you can store it by sorting small items.

* The color is displayed in the color of the bag itself.

 Size/ H 28.5 W 16.5 D 8 cm

Materials/ exterior: Cowhide interior: pork leather, nylon

Shoulder: Nylon, cowhide

Country of origin/ Japan

Weight/ about 550 g

HS Code/ 4202.91.000

Color: BLACK

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