* NEW * AIR x Oneemade back Pack/ KK-241-ONEMADE


Recommended for those who are looking for items that make you feel better. Let's go out with art

A collaboration item with "ONEMADE", which designs creative clothes under the theme of "art to wear". It is recommended for those who are tired of ordinary items and are looking for special items.

The body is a natural shrink leather (cowhide) made of Italy, a soft sheepsade, and a patent (enamel material) that makes it look light with glossy.

Cute & nihil graphical drawn by OneMade designer Mikio as an elegant material. The message drawn on the entire surface is a must -see for COOL fonts.


Slim size that is not too big and enhanced functions

The gusset width is 8.5cm, so it is preferred by those who are looking for a rucksack that is not large. The interior has a pocket on the front and back, and can store a 13 -inch PC (Mac Air standard) and A4 size documents from the tablet.

The front pocket of the interior has a card case insert and a pen, and the contents can be organized.

The shoulder uses a 1cm thick cushion material. Reduce the burden on the shoulder.

The shoulder can be removed and can be used as a body bag (chest bag) when replaced diagonally.


Product Specifications

Size: 36 x 26 x 8.5 cm (width x height x gusset)

・ Shoulder length: minimum 75 to maximum 121cm (length containing the bottom bracket to the bottom)

・ Shoulder paste parts: 56.5 x 6.5 x 1 cm (Length x width x thickness)

・ Exterior material: cowhide, sheepsed, patent (enamel)

・ Interior material: pork leather, nylon (pocket part)

・ Use 1cm thick cushioning material that has a rebellion in the shoulder shoulder portion

・ The shoulder can be removed and can be used as a body bag (chest bag).

・ PC sleeve: Storage up to the interior pocket, tablet, thin PC 13 inches (Mac Air)

・ Country of origin: JAPAN

・ Weight: about 1002 g

colour: BLACK

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