Destination_2d Circle Porch_python/ KKR-1203-P

¥4,400 ¥14,300

* THIS PRODUCTS DO NOT SHIP Internationally.

A shoulder porch that can be used like a charm of the gender -free line "R.KATSUYUKIKODAMA".

The eye -catching circle porch is made of hagire that occurs when producing bags. Hagile is a material that is discarded if not used. It is an item that takes advantage of this to incorporate the ancient Japanese "wasteful".

Please hang from your shoulder, attach it to a bag as a charm, or enjoy it in freestyle.

Size/ H 14.5 W 14.5 D 0.3 cm (shoulder 51 cm)

Materials/ exterior: snake leather, cowhide interior: pig leather

Country of origin/ Japan

Color: BEIGE

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