Destination_2D Circle Porch_Python / KKR-1203-P

¥8,580 ¥14,300

* This Products do not ship internationally.

It is a shoulder pouch that can be used in the charm of the gender-free line "R.KATSUYUKIKODAMA".

The eye-catching circle pouch is made of hambret that occurs when producing bags. Hagilet is a material that is discarded if it is not used. It is an item that incorporates Japan's oldest "unbelievable" utilizing it.

Please hang from the shoulder or attach it to the bag as a charm or enjoy it in a freestyle.

Size / H 14.5 W 14.5 D 0.3 cm (Shoulder 51 cm)

Material / exterior: snake leather, leather furniture: pig leather

Production Country / Japan

Color: BEIGE

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