Destination Eco Bag_kkr-100


 It is a monogram eco bag for the gender -free line "R.KATSUYUKIKODAMA". A thick print that is established in the nylon material gets a lot of attention.

The main unit uses the Waterproof and moisture -breathable material "Brisatec" for the Toro Recotex. The fabric surface combines water repellency, waterproof performance and moisture function to dissipate the moisture inside the dough while playing water and does not penetrate the water to the inside of the fabric.

Since the handle is set longer, it is easy to hold when wearing a coat, putting in and out of luggage while putting on the shoulder, and putting large luggage.

Size/ H 39 W 41 cm (handle height 28 cm)

Material/ nylon

Country of origin/ Japan

Weight/ about 90 g

Color: BLACK

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