Pack-4 that asked for a minimalum. It is a unique silhouette that brings volumes to the bottom.

Since it is used to reduce gloss and use a calm black leather, it is also active as a jacket style business use.

With a three-layer structure of front, main, back, each house has a back pocket, and the back side zipper pocket is equipped with a PC sleeve that can store a PC up to his 15inch.

The back is a three-layer core, reducing the backship, and prevents breaking of the bag.

The shoulder is a structure that feels comfortable and feel stable because it contains a repulsive thick core.

* Image PC sleeve uses his KK1080-C model


Size / H 52 W 35 D 22 cm

Material / Table: Cowhide, PVC interior: Nylon, PVC

Production Country / Japan

Weight / about 1650 g


Color: BLACK

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