Density Mania/ Pack-1-M-COW_KK1080-M-C


M size of Pack-1, the icon model of this brand.

It is an excellent thing that can be a backpack and a body bag. The all -leather model with power everywhere is a Density Mania design with a semi -glossy leather, the No.10 size ZIPPER, and the solid feeling of the shining metal fittings on the side.

It consists of the three -layer structure of the front, main, and back, and each house has a back pocket. The back pocket is fully equipped with a sleeve that can store PCs and tablets up to 13inch, and demonstrates high potential. A four -layer core is put on the back, reducing the backface, and preventing the shape of the bag. Sandwich has a rebellious core for the shoulder. The shoulder hit is comfortable and the specification is stable.

Size/ H 47 W 32 D18cm

Materials/ exterior: cowhide, PVC interior: nylon, PVC

Country of origin/ Japan

Weight/ about 1400 g

Color: BLACK

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