ZEITGEIST/Multi Case Wallet/Clutch_kk1069-W-STI


A high -end model using a stingleyhart that can only get one from one of the clutch -type clutch type using a sting laser, which is famous for swimming.

It is a luxurious finish that is carefully polished and gives off a high -quality shine. Nowadays, the mobile phone is getting bigger and the storage in pockets is troublesome. This wallet is an excellent house that can store smartphones, passports, passbooks, etc. when you open a zipper from RIRI, and a two -layer type of wallet.

For those who do not have a bag on a daily basis, it has a removable handle so that it can be used as a clutch.

Card: 12 steps-24 pieces storage (2 pockets 2 pieces storage settings)

Fudme: 3rd step (common to 1,000 yen bills from 10,000 yen bills)

Coin case: 1 smartphone case: width: 20/ height 11 cm (pocket on the left and right) can be stored in a smartphone case.

Reference case size: Vertical: 16/ horizontal: 8.5 Thick: 1.5cm (i-Phone 6plus applied case) Handle removal

Weight/ about 530g

Color: BLACK

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