Stingray material on our brand No. 1 popular wallet.

A 10,000 yen bill can be stored in just sizes, and it is a long wallet with easy-to-use sizes that can be entered in Denim's hip pocket. Stingray is also referred to as "sea gem", but it is a classy shine suitable for the title. This material is carefully polished and the surface is a flat type stinglay. Of course, Stingray Heart is also sitting. Because leather has individual differences, there is no one as one. It is an item that you want to enjoy your hardware.

Card 12 steps-24 sheets (1 pocket 2 sheet storage settings)

Wallet 2 steps (10,000 yen bill / five thousand yen tags)

Taller 4 steps (Thousand yen tag size) coin case 1


Size / H10 W19 D3 cm

Material / exterior: A leaf interior: Cowhide, rayon

Fastener / RACCAGNI (Racquer)

* Image fastener is different from actual product

The actual use fastener is similar to Blooming / Long Wallet_KK1065-GFT.

Production Country / Japan

Weight / about 320

Color: BLACK

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