KK Masquerade_nylon Mask Porch 4Set/ KK-90008


 Mask pouch made to store KK Masquerade NYLON MASK !!

4 color set sale.

Do you have any problems with storing the mask you are using on the go?

You can put it on your desk during a meal .... You can put it in your pocket while moving ....

It's a good idea to get lost in the bag ....

A mask porch born from the staff "I wish I had it."

Because the code is long, it is applied to the handle of the bag and it is also a charm!

It is not limited to the mask that can be stored, soIt is also used as a multi -pouch, such as eco bags and hand towels.

Size/ H12.5 W 5.4 cm

Material/ nylon

Country of origin/ Japan

Color: MIX

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