KK MASQUERADE (2 discs) _kk-90012


[Sold in a set of 2 pieces of the same color]

It is a nylon mask using the Waterproof and moisture -bodied material of Toro Recortex.

The fabric surface combines water repellency, waterproof performance and moisture function to dissipate the moisture inside the dough while playing water and does not penetrate the water to the inside of the fabric.

The rubber on the ear is a 2mm weak rebound type. Even if you listen to the ear for a long time, it is non -stress and has a code stopper for adjusting length. ( *Actual products have a different shape of code stopper.) It can be washed and used repeatedly.

This is the first "KK Mascaleid" series created by Mascaleid Mask in Venice in Italy. This nylon material is woven with a full dal thread (meaning of a mat with glossy glossy), which is also used in the CREATION JUORNEY series of bags, and is an elegant look.

* Mask does not prevent virus infection (invasion).

[Precautions when washing]

* Hand washing is recommended when washing.

*Avoid using a tumbler dryer.


Body size/ H10 W16.7 cm (size flat)

Material/ Table: 100% nylon (PU coating) Back: Tricot nylon

Country of origin/ Japan

Color: BLACK

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