The theme of "Along your journey" is a body bag of the Creation Journey series.

Ideal for storing the minimum amount of required mini wallets, smartphones, and card cases.

It supports styling with two bags as well as everyday use, so it is easy to use when traveling.

Use a nylon fabric from the Waterproof and moisture -bodied material of Toro Recortex.

The surface also combines water repellency, waterproof performance and moisture to dissipate the moisture inside the dough while playing water and does not penetrate the dough.

Because it uses a nylon full dal yarn (a matte thread with a glossy suppressed), it is an elegant expression without being too casual.

"2019-20 >>>" With your CREATION JOURNEY "" printed on the bag itself = "Along your creation journey"Is a message from a designer so that you can enjoy the creation days.

The bag and porch will be sold in the set, and the bag itself will arrive in the pouch.

Because the packing form is catchy, it is also recommended as a present.

The porch is suitable for storage of cosmetics and towels, so it is useful in the travel scene.

Size/ (body) H13.5 W19 D4.5 cm (attached pouch) h 20 w 28 cm

Material/ Nylon, cowhide (zippere puller part)

Country of origin/ Japan

Weight/ about 180g (excluding the attached pouch)

Color: NAVY

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