The ultra-lightweight series "Creation Journey", which is a leading KATSUYUKODAMA, is a mini-drum Boston.

Use the eastern recortex waterproof moisture-permeable material "blizzyton" on the bag body.

The fabric surface does not penetrate the water to the inside of the fabric, and combines water repellent, waterproof performance and moisture that dissipates the moisture stagnated internally inside.

Flu dal yarn weaves high density and is an elegant facial expression.

"2019-20 >>>" with Your Creation Journey "=" With your creation journey "printed on the bag bodyIs a message from the designer to enjoy the creational days.

As well as daily use, we are active as a sub-bag with two bags, so we will be active in travel destinations. Because it is a small hit, it is an item that can be worn by accessories.

It is also recommended as a gift because it will be delivered to the attached mesh pouch.


Size / (Body) H12.5 W19 D12.5 CM (included Pouch) H20 W28 CM

Material / Nylon, Cowhide (Zipper Puller part)

Production Country / Japan

Weight / about 190 g (excluded the included pouch)

Color: BLACK

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