Syncopation / BONSAC-S_PYthon_KK-204-S-P


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This brand back icon model BON SAC-S and Pythone model.

The body is a slender person and a sense of styling for women. Using a soft touch with soft touch to the body, a shoulder, body 2way type.

In the case of a buffer of the waste, it is recommended for those who are not satisfied, and the matching of pythons with smoothness and gentle curved curve body lines and front of the front of the front. TOP ZIPPER PULLER and shoulder ring also use Python, and it is an item that feels powerful in detail.


Size / H38 W18 D16 CM

Material / exterior: cowhide, snake leather interior: nylon, cowhide (pocket)

Production country _JAPAN

Weight / about 630 g

Color: BLACK

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