Joggers & Walkers_knit Mask/ KK-90000

¥1,100 ¥2,750

 Under the theme of Keep Moving and Stay Positive, masks (neck gighters) who are active in jogging and walking have appeared.

It is a day when my lifestyle has changed and the attentiveness has increased, but it is important to move my body. Spend stress -free with a mask that allows you to move your body exhilarating in the summer season.

It is often used for uniforms and sportswear, and uses a high -performance material SAHDAN fabric that combines water absorption, quick -drying, heat -shielding, and UV functions.

Because the code is applied to the ear and can be adjusted with a code stopper with the upper and lower cords, it prevents exercise from falling off.


Size/ H33 W 27 Inner diameter (1 lap) 54 cm

Material/ 100% polyester

Country of origin/ Japan



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