Joggers & Walkers_Knit Mask / KK-90000


Keep Moving, Stay Positive Theme, Jogging, Mask (Neck Gate) who plays an active part in Walking appeared.

Life style changes, and it is the day when the attention is also increased, but the time to move the body is important. Please spend stress-free with masks with a mask, if the summer season is refreshing.

It is often used for uniform, sportswear, etc., using high-performance material SAHDAN fabric that combines water absorption quick-drying, heat shielding effect, and UV function.

The code is heard, and the upper and lower cords can also prevent exercise due to the specification that can be adjusted with the code stopper.


Size / H33 W 27 Inner diameter (1) 54 cm

Material / 100% polyester

Production Country / Japan


Color: BLACK

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