Density Mania/ Pack-1-COW_KK1080-C


Pack-1 for those who want a royal road leather backpack sack

This brand's icon model PACK-1 was unveiled at an exhibition in Italy in 2013 and started in Japan in 2014. It is an item that became the starting point of the current design.

The rucksack of this brand is abbreviated as Pack-1 and Pack-2. The Pack-1 was the first model created and unveiled in 2013 in a showroom called Marcona3 in Italy with Pack-2.

All leather model backpacks are rare, and it is a reputation for fashion lovers and creative work since the launch.

It is designed as a backpack that matches the street and mode style, and is a model that has been prototyped more than 20 times before forming.

Because it is an original silhouette, you can enjoy coordination for simple dresses and unique outfits.

Origin of item name Density Mania

This backpack is the name of "Density Mania". It has a powerful design with a powerful and condensed design.

The contrast between the semi -glossy leather, the No.10 size ZIPPER, and the solid feeling of the shining metal fittings are exactly the Density Mania design.

It consists of the three -layer structure of the front, main, and back, and each house has a back pocket. The back pocket is fully equipped with a PC sleeve that can hold a personal computer up to 15 inch, and demonstrates a high potential.

A four -layer core is put on the back, reducing the backface, and preventing the shape of the bag. Sandwich has a rebellious core for the shoulder. The shoulder hit is comfortable and the specification is stable.

Product Specifications

Size: 35 x 52 x 22 cm (width x height x gusset)

・ Shoulder length: minimum 56 to maximum 106cm (length containing the bottom bracket to the bottom)

・ Shoulder paste parts: 48 × 10 (upper part) 6 (lower part) x 1 cm (Length x width x thickness)

・ Exterior material: Cowhide, PVC (bottom gusset part)

・ Interior material: Nylon, PVC (name part)

・ Use cushioning material of 1 cm of anti -repellent thickness for the shoulder shoulder portion

・ Country of origin: JAPAN

・ Weight: about 1520 g

HS Code/ 4202.91.000

Color: BLACK

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