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[OneMade Collaboration Items]

Under his HAPPY & PEACE graphics that can enjoy a sense of doodle with monotone, "WAR IS OVER" is a PEACEFULL design that is printed with gray colors.

There may be some parts that can be reached at hand, but there is a part different part, but please forgive it because it is one point.


 【 Description of item 】

"The appearance and smart. Functions and smart" concept tote bags.

Italian leather used for the body is a material that feels touch and feels a sense of luxury. Leather is embossed in leather so that damage caused by damage in use is noticeable.

The interior is divided into three rooms, and in the middle of the middle of the middle of the cushioning material that can store PC and tablet terminals up to 11 inches. It is a pleasure point to hide the contents of the bag with a guardian of the mouth.

In the front side of the bag, a smartphone, a naughty pocket, and a pengy pocket. Complete Utility Pocket. Since the handle is a specification that can be adjusted to two stages, it can be applied to the shoulder at the time of suit or coat.


Size / H 41 W 31 D 15.5 cm

Material / exterior: cowhide furniture: nylon, PVC

Production Country / Japan

Weight / approximately 1180 g

Color: BLACK

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