ENigma variations / COW_KK-260-C_MINI TOTE


It is a minimal A4 size tote bag characteristic of the bracket of the handle part.

It is a material that feels a sense of luxury using a Italian natural shlink leather in the body.

The interior is divided into three rooms, and the cushioning material is put in the pocket on both sides. It is also a pleasure to hide the contents of the bag with a guardian of the mouth.

The two rooms in front of you are a smartphone and a pocket that can store card cases.


Size / H 22.5 W 31 (Tenka) 30 (bottom) D 10 cm attached shoulder / 73.5 (shortest) 132 (longest) CM * Length including bracket

Material / exterior: cowhide furniture: nylon

Production Country / Japan

Weight / about 670 g

Color: NAVY

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