A minimal -sized tote bag with a distinctive bracket on the handle.

It is a material that uses Italian natural shrink leather for the body and feels luxurious.

The interior is divided into three rooms, and the pocket on both sides contains cushioning materials so that tablet terminals can be stored. It is also a nice point that you can hide the contents of the bag with the zipper at the mouth.

There are pockets that can store smartphones and card cases in the two rooms in front and inside.


Size/ H 22.5 W 31 (Tenpo) 30 (bottom width) D 10 cm

Included shoulder/ (The shortest) 3.5 (Long) 132 cm (length including metal fittings)

Material/ Exterior: Cowhide interior: Nylon

Country of origin/Japan

Weight/ about 670 g

Color: BLACK

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