Eco Bag Marche_kkr-101


Pocket Table Type Market Eco Bag.

Malche means "market" in French and refers to shopping bags.

Don't forget to carry eco-bags, you want to take advantage of functions and styling so that you can enjoy it and use it! I designed for that person.

When stored, the main unit comes into rolls and stored in leather pocket parts.

Places the bags usually used in the color code attached to the pocket part,

It is a specification that can be carried.

Use the eastern recortex waterproof moisture-permeable material "blizzytec" to the nylon of the main unit.

The fabric surface is a very lightweight nylon that combines water repellent, waterproof performance and moisture that dissipates moisture stagnant from water repellent, waterproof performance and internally while playing water while playing water.

Flu dal yarn (matte thread) weaves high density and is an elegant facial expression. 

Size / H 64.5 (Consultation) W 39 D 0 cm (the maximum at the time of expanding 14 cm)

Pocket part / H 20 (storage height is 17 cm) w 14.5 cm

Material / Nylon, Cowhide (Pocket Parts)

Production Country / Japan

Weight / about 102g


[Color display explanation]

BLACK = Body / Black Leather / Black Color Code / White × Black

NAVY = Body / NAVY Leather / Yellow Color Code / NAVY × RED × White

KHAKI = Body / Khaki Leather / Orange Color Code / Gray × RED

BLUE = Body / Blue Leather / Yellow Color Code / NAVY × RED × White

RED = Body / Red Leather / NAVY Color Code / Green × RED


Color: NAVY

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