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I'm looking for a lightweight and functional nylon backpack, but I'm also active in the business scene and want to seek individuality

Density Mania Pack-6 A rucksack made of nylon material that can be used casually even on rainy days and can store PCs up to 13 inches.

The synthetic rucksack, which is overflowing in the world, is a material that is hard to get your own personality, but is an easy -to -use material for everyday life. And it is a nice point that it is lighter than leather products.

If it is a designer brand rucksack, the probability of suffering with other people is low, and it is also used as a communication tool because of rarity.

It is a design that does not feel heavy even with the whole body black coordination because it feels light from YKK's Vislon fastener and PVC film in matte materials that have a glossy gloss.

It can be used for a light clothing such as a T-shirt and a down coat, so it can be used all year round. It is an item.

When you open the zipper pocket on the back side, it has a pocket for storing PC, and you can store PCs up to 13 inches and A4 size documents.

Material that adds warmth to artificial materials

The nylon used in this backpack is made of highly powerful special processing yarn as the main material, and has a random shadow of the thread with a vintage expression.

A durable and durable tarpoline on the bottom and the heavens. Tarpoline is an industrial material that is also used as a disaster prevention material, and is a material that is resistant to rain and scratches.

Since the artificial material alone does not feel warm, the sheepsdo is combined on both sides of the heavenly parts. As the name suggests, this sheepsed is a material with a fine texture and a comfortable touch.

As it is used in gentleman shoes, suede material can be used for rain.


The comfort and functionality of the back are made to evolve

Attachment that can fix the left and right shoulders at the chest, so it supports active movements such as bicycles. The shoulder uses a 1cm thick cushion material. The structure is solid, and the shoulders are not loaded with a floating feeling. The back is a three -layer core that feels cushioning, reducing the back.

Designers are concerned not only in appearance, but also on invisible inside. The bag is an item for carrying things. A reinforced core is put in a place where the material is applied so that the material of the bag itself does not easily deteriorate even if the thing is inserted.

There is a bottle holder on the left side of the bag, which also has storage of smartphones.

Please experience the light but firm backpack.


Product Specifications

Size: 31 x 47 x 18 cm (width x height x gusset)

・ Shoulder length: minimum 67 to maximum 107cm (length containing the bottom bracket to the bottom)

・ Shoulder paddy parts: 43 × 7 × 1 cm (Length x width x thickness) *Length including 50mm width buckle at the top is 53cm

・ Exterior material: Nylon, turpolin, sheepsed, PVC (bottom gusset)

・ Interior material: Nylon, PVC (name part)

・ Use a 1cm thick cushion material for the shoulder shoulder portion

・ The shoulder can be removed and can be used as a body bag (chest bag).

・ PC sleeve: Storage up to 13 inches of personal computer in the zipper pocket on the back side

・ Country of origin: JAPAN

・ Weight: about 1100 g

HS Code/ 4202.92.000


colour: BLACK

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