Density Mania/Body Bag_kk1080-S-HBD


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Incorporate the original silhouette with a small body bag♪ 

Density Mania Pack-1, a brand iconic. I want to use it, but I don't need the capacity up to the backpack. It is recommended for those who are lost, or those who are looking for a body bag that no one else is.

If you have a unique design, you can use it without paying attention to the coordination of the whole body. The advantage of the body bag is easier to balance the whole body than the shoulder bag.

The bag itself uses Neophane to make the original silhouette look soft. Use cowhide on the top grip found that wants strength.

The nylon mesh on both sides and the PVC film on the tape end can be felt light.

It is a casual but elegant appearance because it is a tone that suppresses gloss overall.

Because it is a design that can enjoy the color scheme, you can enjoy coordination combined with the color of the sneakers.


Simple the necessary functions

The front zipper is a size that can store folding umbrellas and drink bottles. It has a mesh pocket that stores accessories such as pass cases and smartphones.

The body with double-open zipper is a size that can enter the i-PAD up to 10.5 inches, and has a pocket on the back side.

The weight is about 400g, and the shoulder is contained with a 1cm thick, rebellious cushioning material, so the shoulder and back are not loaded.

 Product Specifications

Size: 16 x 36 x 17.5 cm (width x height x gusset)

・ Shoulder length: minimum 67 to maximum 113cm (length including bracket at the bottom of the bag to the bottom)

・ Shoulder paste parts: 47.5 × 7 × 1 cm (Length x width x thickness)

・ Exterior material: polyester, cowhide, nylon mesh, PVC (exterior)

・ Interior material: Nylon

・ Use cushioning material of 1 cm of anti -repellent thickness for the shoulder shoulder portion

・ Country of origin: JAPAN

・ Weight: about 400 g

HS Code/ 4202.92.000

Color: BLACK

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