DBSS COLLABO_3D Delta Porch / KKR-201-DBSS

¥8,250 ¥16,500

[Diet Butcher Slim Skin] Collaboration Item

Collaboration items with gender-free line "R.KATSUYUKIKODAMA" and Tokyo Men's Fashion Brand "Diet Butcher Slimskin".

It is a shoulder pouch that can be used in a charm feeling created by a natural shrink leather in Italy.

Minimimal, unique pyramid type, is made with hambret that occurs when creating bags, etc., and is an item that incorporates Japanese ancient "unbelievable".

Please hang from the shoulder or attach it to the bag as a charm or enjoy it in a freestyle.


Size / H 13 W 13 D 13 cm (Shoulder 51 cm)

Material / exterior: behen leather interior: pig leather

Production Country / Japan

Weight / about 85g

 * Wearing images are using separate materials

Color: BLUE

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