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Gradation is vivid and one point handwritten type.

Message from cute angel .....


【 Description of item 】

The super lightweight series of the theme of "Your journey" is a Pack-1M model of the Creation Journey series.

Compared to Density Mania Pack-1-M, compared to a relaxed model.

Use of Waterproofing Merpea and Waterproofing Materials "Blizzhatec" of Eastern Recortex.

The fabric surface does not penetrate the water to the inside of the fabric, and combines water repellent, waterproof performance and moisture that dissipates the moisture stagnated internally inside.

It is an elegant expression that woven high density with full dal thread (mat thread).

The body can store A4 sizes, is simple design and lightweight, so it is a daybuck that you want to use daily.

"2019-20 >>>" with Your Creation Journey "=" With your creation journey "printed on the bag bodyIs a message from the designer to enjoy the creational days.

Bags are recommended as gifts, as they arrive at handed in the attached mesh pouch.


* The color is displayed in the color of the bag body.

Size / (Body) H46 W30 D15 CM (included Pouch) H32 W33 CM

Material / Nylon, Cowhide (Zipper Puller part)

Production Country / Japan

Weight / about 390 g (excluded the supplied pouch)

Color: NAVY

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