UV cut rate 99% full-fledged fashion sunglasses.

You can turn the frame 180 degrees 180 degrees and fold it.

Since thin steel is built in the temple, there is a function to roll and extend and can be wound around the arm and bag.

Since the temple part is made along the face silhouette, it is a universal design that is aligned with the balance of the height of the nose and the position of the ear.


Size: H 5 W 14.5 cm (Temple + Yoroid: Length 15.5 Width 2 cm)

Material: Lens / Plastic Temple / Silicone, Steel

· UV cut rate: 99% · UV transmittance: 0.1% or less · Visible transmittance: 11%

* If repeated open / close, the screw in the bridge portion is loosened. Please tighten the screw carefully.

Weight / about 40 g



Color: BLACK

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