Jetcap/ nylon_kk-2300


A jet cap with a flat brim, moderate shallow cover, 5 panel design, gender -free design.

The nylon fabric of the body isA waterproof and moisturizing material "Brizatec" of Toro Recortex is adopted.

Weave a full dal yarn (matte thread) at a high density, and it is an elegant look with a casual design.

The fabric surface is water -repellent and waterproof performance that plays water and does not penetrate water.It is recommended for outdoor scenes such as mountain climbing and camping because it uses ultra -light nylon, which has a moisture -permeable function that dissipates the moisture that has stayed inside.

Because it is a soft nylon material with tension, it can be folded and mobile.


■ Other functions

・ Hard visor

・ Opening and closing Velcro

・ With cap clip


Size/free size (52.0-60 cm)

Dimension/head circumference52.0-60 cmH 11.3 W17

 The length of the brim 16.5 cm

Material/ 100% nylon

Country of origin/ Japan

Weight/about 60 g

HS Code/6505.00.000

Color: BLACK

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