Belt for Eco Bag March_kk-90017


Eco Bag Marche_kkr-101 Marcheko bag(Click here)It is a nylon belt that can be used together.

I made it so that it is easy to hold even with a lot of luggage.

It is an item that you want to enjoy color coordination.


The bag that can be supported is this item

・ KKR-101 Marche Eco Bag(Click here) 

・ KK-257-C Marche leather bag (Here)

・ KK-257-P Marche leather python bag (Here)

・ KK-254-C Marche leather bag (Here)


Product Specifications

Size: Belt width 3.8 Belt Length 30 Belt width 4 cm

Material: Nylon

Country of origin: JAPAN

 Weight: 40 g

HS Code:

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