Air Shoulder x Oneemade/ KK-244-One-Kingkuma



Bear motif that can enjoy graffiti feeling in monotone.

Because it is a complete handwriting, each point expression is different.

The product that arrives at hand may be slightly different from the image, but please forgive it because it is one point.


【Description of item】

Finished with a minimal design so that you can feel the "product", it is a solid item with a compact size.

 The interior is pork leather, not only luxury but also strength and weight reduction.

If you remove the shoulder, you can use it as a clutch bag, and you can enjoy various styling with one.

The handle is made of Italian Ramponi Studs with the image of a pattern.


* The color is written in the color of the bag itself.

Size/ H 17.5 W 17.5 D 8.5 cm

Materials/ exterior: Cowhide interior: pork leather, nylon

Country of origin/ Japan

 Weight/ about 370 g


Color: BLACK

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