AIR SHOULDER × ONEMADE / KK-244-One-Kingkuma


[OneMade Collaboration Items]

It is a BEAR motif that enjoys doodle with monotone.

Because it is a complete handwritten, one point expression differs.

There may be some parts that can be reached at hand, but there is a part different part, but please forgive it because it is one point.


【Description of item】

It is a solid item with a minimal design to be felt "Product".

The bag body uses a soft and elegant look of domestic smooth leather (cowhide).The interior has a pig leather and has a sense of luxury, but also strength and weight reduction.

Removing the shoulder can be used as a clutch bag, and you can enjoy various styling with one.

The handle is equipped with Italian Ramponi studded with imitation.


* Color is written in the color of the bag body

Size / H 17.5 W 17.5 D 8.5 cm

Material / exterior: leather fitness: pig leather, nylon

Production Country / Japan

 Weight / about 370 g


Color: BLACK

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