#Air-Chest Shoulder_stingray/ KK-244-SALE

¥49,775 ¥99,550

It is a lightweight AIR series Stingray Shoulder bag for leather material.

Gender -free box -shaped box -shaped and minimal design is used with an elegant look that suppresses gloss. Stingray Heart, who sits dignifiedly in front, is a proof that one luxury is used luxuriously.

The shoulder can be removed and can be used with a clutch bag.

Compact size that can be enjoyed as one point of coordination,It is a size that can store a two -fold wallet and a plastic bottle up to 350ml. The interior has a pocket back and forth, so you can store it by sorting small items.


Size/ H 17.5 W 17.5 D 8.5 cm

Materials/exterior: cowhide, stingray interior: pig leather, nylon

Shoulder part: Nylon, cowhide

Country of origin/ Japan

* Wearing images are posted on different materials.

HS Code / 4202.91.000

Color: BLACK

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