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Kumapu of the expression and standing figure that does not say anything. About him .... I feel like I would like to hear it ....


【Description of item】

Lightweight AIR series bodybag while all leather.

We use elegant expression leather with mats that reduce gloss for minimal design in box type.

Shoulder can be removable and left and right shoulder and can be used as a horizontal clutch bag if you remove the shoulder.

It is compact and plastic bottle, and folding umbrella can be stored with a sense of sizes with a sense of interior, so you can sort the accessory and store accessories.

* The color is displayed in the color of the bag body.

Size / H 28.5 w 16.5 d 8 cm

Material / exterior: leather fitness: pig leather, nylon

Shoulder: Nylon, Cowhide

Production Country / Japan

Weight / about 550 g

Color: BLACK

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