Abstraction TWO × ONEMADE / KK-243-ONEBEAR (Orange Star)



It is a BEAR motif that has been hooked recently. A pirate -like face on a stylish coat. It is called "kumapu" by one of the staff of ONEMADE. 


【 Description of item 】

It is a horizontal tote bag for ON / OFF created with Italian shrink leather.

Soft natural shrink (tanned in the original leather Italy on the bag body (Not a embossed cowhide). Because it is a traditional material with a sense of stability, it can be coordinated elegantly for casual clothes.

The handle is a high -density nylon tape to add a moderate sporting feeling. It is a design that looks light and light while being a leather bag.

The interior is divided into three rooms, and one room in the middle is a pocket with a cushioning material that can store PCs and tablet devices up to 13 inches.

It is also a nice point that you can hide the contents of the bag with the zipper at the mouth.

The interior on the front side of the bag is fully equipped with a smartphone, business card holder, and a utility pocket for pen stabbing. The front pocket is a size that can store a smartphone.

Size/ H36 W 39 (heaven)/ 25 (bottom) D 15 cm

Handle height 23cm (settings that allow you to pass your shoulders when wearing coat)

Material/ cowhide (Italian Shrink leather)

Country of origin/ Japan

Weight/ about 950 g

HS Code / 4202.91.000


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