Abstraction Two / KK-242-C


It is a vertical tote bag that is compatible with ON-OFF created with a shrink leather made of Italian.

Soft natural shrinks (Cowhide not embossed) has been selected. As it is a classic material with a sense of stability, you can coordinate casual clothes as well.

The handle is a high density nylon tape with a high density nylon tape plus a good sport. Leather bag, it looks like a light and funny design.

The interior is divided into three rooms, and in the middle of the middle of the middle of the cushion material that can store PC and tablet terminals up to 13 inches.

It is a pleasure point to hide the contents of the bag with a guardian of the mouth.

In the front side of the bag, smartphones, name stingering, and utility pockets for pen stab. The front pocket is the size that the smartphone can store.

Size / H36 W 39 (Heaven) / 25 (Bottom) D 15 cm

Handle height 23 cm (setting to pass the shoulder even when wearing a coat)

Material / Cowhide (Italian shlink leather)

Production Country / Japan

Weight / about 900 g



Color: BLACK

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