Item story

  1. Life jacketed drying back (waterproof backpack) wearing at natural disasters and flood damage
  2. Life jacket (life jacket) part is removable, 2WAY specification that can be used by daily
  3. Personal Essential Items for "Living, and Survive"

Toward the creation of the "Protecting Important Life" item

In recent years, while the natural disasters such as heavy rain, earthquakes, tsunamis, and the threat of new coronaviruses, such as earthquakes and tsunami start. Bag Brands Katsuyukikodama Paradiddle as a designer, felt the need for "life" as a single company in the fashion industry proposed a lifestyle, and started this project.


Live and survive to concept

There is also a region where the designer's hometown is concerned about the flooding of the river, and this time, we looked at the functions that correspond to intensive heavy rain and flood damage. In the event of a disaster, early evacuation is important, but if the bag is a life jacket (life jacket) in case the bag is encountered, it is a life jacket (life jacket), and this time, "I wish I had a good thing" The direction of life jacketed driver (waterproof backpack) is determined.

In order to produce a waterproof function bag, the wall stands in front of us. We produce a bag of "Katsuyukikodama Paradiddle" brand at its own factory, but waterproof specifications use a completely different molding method with general sewing technology. The molding method that does not penetrate the water is not sewing using thread and needle, but is molded by welding by high frequency welder = welding (hereinafter referred to as welder welding). For example, tents and floating wheels, household vinyl pools are also molded in this way. In addition, it was understood that the life jacket to be mounted on the bag is also shaped by this welder welding.

So we areStart a factory search for welder welding. There were no many companies found in Japan, and it was not possible to have an appointment from the viewpoint of production technology.

Such a time, the manufacturer will be appointed to the manufacturer that holds a large share in the production and sales of life jackets, and the meeting starts immediately. To staff membersThank you for your understanding of the concept of "Live and Survive (Live & Savive"Finally, the development of a backpack that finally combines a lifetime and a dry buckpack (waterproof backpack) starts.

The final sample was completed in 2021, repeatedly creating and correcting prototypes for several months.

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Features of life jacketed driver

Emergency time is a life jacket, and it can be used as a backpack everyday

By changing the shoulder installation, it can be used as a backpack everyday with a life jacket.


Full-fledged waterproof material

Molding PVC (Tarpoline Diet) material is molded with welder welding and exhibits high waterproofness. ※ Dried bugs have high waterproof, but are not completely waterproof.


Life jacket separately can be used

Because the bag can be removed,It can also be used as a lifetime single item.


Designs that can be used in Unisex

Because it is a unisex design, it is also a family share.


Fashionable design that can be used everyday

This project is not a disaster goods that will be used during evacuation, but we will keep in mind the design to dissolve everyday.


Even Town You're


Because it is a material resistant to water, it is also recommended to use outdoor, camping and gym.


How to operate life jackets

When using a life jacket, hold the left and right shoulders, keep the frontbe backle, and put the adjustment belt to your body firmly firmly.

Adjust the length of the shoulder tape and make sure that the shoulder fits into the body.

The life jacket opens by pulling and expanding manual operation.

※ A dedicated carbon dioxide gas is 10 kg of initial buoyancy.

If you want to add air to your life jacket, blow air with the auxiliary air tube (red cylinder) on the right. Close the cap after use.

Please use the whistle installed when calling rescue.

※ This product is expanded manually. When inflating the life torso, be sure to check that a dedicated carbon dioxide gas cylinder (18 g) is set.

※ We think that the use scene will vary, such as preparing for natural disasters, use with outdoor use on the water side, but please be sure to check how to use it with confidence.


[Performance test] With a life jacket wearing a life jacket, it is a best condition that floats about 45 degrees diagonally against the water surface. This is an angle that does not suck in water.

[About flooding with drying bugs]

· After putting the luggage, unplug the air in the bag and close the mouth. If there are many air in the bag, the life jacket floating power will be interrupted.

· If it is soaked in water with a driver, it will gradually get a certain amount of water from the mouth of the bag, but floats by expanding the life jacket. Please use it.

· The luggage weight in the driver is assumed about 2 kg so as not to interfere with the floating force of the life jacket. Please be careful not to put a lot of luggage at the time of evacuation for floating.


[Voluntary inspection] Please be sure to perform every time before wearing. Conduct based on the "Voluntary Checklist" attached to the product and the content.* Products have "Owner's Manual / Warranty". Please be sure to read it before use.


Life jacket storage method

※ Be sure to unplug the air from the main unit after using the life jacket.

If you leave the air, it will cause the life jacket to be damaged.

Reverse the cap of the air mouth, and put the part of the protrusion and unplug the air.

If the air is firmly out of the air, the fold line is folded and stored.


How to set as a backpack

Remove the lifetail jacket and connect the shoulder at the bottom of the main unit to the upper fastener.

You can adjust the length of the shoulder, and it can be wound and fixed when extra tapes come.


Product Specifications

[Size / material]



Regarding storage as a take-out bag for disaster evacuation

It is possible to store the necessary emergency food and emergency goods because it is 15 L capacity.

※ Image food, product is a reference example of storage. It is not set for the actual product.



Set of izameshi that pursued "deliciousness"

Long-term preservation food that pursues the taste I want to eat even everyday

* Set of iZameshi's set salesHerefrom

"Life jacket with driver" for this projectLong-term preservation food "IZAMEHI (Izamehi)" provided at the time of disasterThere is a set sale.

Long-term storage emergency food has a very delicious image, and there are cases where it is discarded without eating time. It is a guidance of long-term storage food that keeps food discard loss, and even in emergency hungry.

"IZAMESHI" is a long-term storage food that is sticking to the taste on the theme of "to long-term storage eating food that can be delicious from the stockpiling". This time, a set of three meals of satisfaction with a sense of satisfaction is combined with "power set".

[Set contents] 1 1 2 stewed hamburger × 1 3 soy sauce ramen x 1 4 maple Dainish x 1 5 Black Mitsuki Kinako x 1 * Property Date: 3 years (from date of manufacture) 67 years Save water 500 ml × 1 Accessories : Spoon x 1 * Save food, water will deliver products within half a year from manufacturing. * Please refer to the following quality display for the raw material notation of each product.




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is the Life Jacket certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism?

A: It is not a certified product to take a few years to get certification of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, but it is produced at a factory with technology acquired outside this product.


Q: Can I use it when boarding a small vessel?

A: Certification at the time of small ship boarding is not acquired, so when you get a small ship, wear a special life torso. From February 2018, we are required to wear a cherry blossom mark with a cherry blossom mark in "all small ship boats", but this product does not have cherry mark marks.


Q: How is the capacity to put into the bag at an emergency?

A: Avoid weight luggage so that the bag does not overlay if the purpose is for floating. It is a weight assumption of about 2 kg with the contents of the image listed in the product specification item.


Q: Although water is inserted from the driving mouth at the time of flooding, the bag will be full of water in the bag?

A: The water stops in a constant amount. After the water protects the water, after putting the luggage, unplug the air in the bag and close the mouth. It is point to unplug the air in the bag.


Q: What kind of content is the target of the warranty?

A: A year's manufacturer's warranty period is provided. Free exchange is for initial failure, and we will compatible with product exchange after the shipping cost. Failure caused by customer intentions and negligence is not applicable.



-June 1st to July 31, June 31, 2011 reservation sales period

· Arrival at late July 2021

· Ships sequentially from early August 2021


【Best bonus】

For those purchased during the reservation sales period, one replacement gas cylinder is presented.


[Operating manual / warranty]Please be sure to read it before use.