Dream on !! TOOT Founded 20th Anniversary Dream Bag

If you notice it, it is end of May.

There is no remember that I still saw the first dream, but it seems that half a year has passed since 2021.

"The life of the flower is short ~", but this year, it is short while enjoying cherry blossoms, and the dream and hope are also good feeling with cherry blossom snowstorm.

I can not dream in self-unlikely to you, TOOT × KATSUYUKIKODAMA Dream collaboration plan "Dream Bag".

From TOOT to Density Mania / Pack-5-COW from the 20th anniversary of its founding, limited items packed with DENSITY MANIA / PACK-5-COW are sold.


* Sales pageHerePlease verify

This project has made a dream of the ToOT designer's childhood dream.

The dream is ... "I want to be buried in Poppin Eye" ..... It is a hemispherical synthetic rubber toy in the 1980s. I feel comfortable to imagine .....

It seems that the dream buried in Poppin Eye did not come true, but "You can be buried in the pants!" He told you to sell a backpack packed with 50 sets of underwear.

Of the 50 underwears, 2 sheets have a collaboration model of KATSUYUKIKODAMA.

* Collaboration itemsHereis♪

50 Underware = 50 days consecutive day can be worn for TOOT♪

As it is an economically good planning of cospa, please check if you are concerned about CHECK ♪



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