Evolution of designer friends

HicosakaI went to the exhibition of S/S2022. The designer Hikosaka (hereinafter Hiko -chan) was condensed, and it was a lot of attractive and beautiful hats without too much strength on the shoulders.

I met Hiko -chan in Paris in January 2012. He was a designer of the next booth brand at the joint exhibition TRANOI.

On the first day of the exhibition that will be held for three days, I didn't know where the brands of each other were, but on the afternoon of the second day, I knew that it was like a Japanese person (laughs). I spoke at once and talked.

It's been 10 years since then. The flow of time is too fast!

After that, the brand where Hiko -chan was enrolled and Katsuyukikodama exhibited in Tranoi for two seasons, but after Katsuyukikodama contracted with Marcona3 in the showroom and moved the base to be announced to Milan, it was different in Paris and Milan. I decided to take a strategy path.

About four years ago when Hiko -chan became independent, I had a lot of chance to meet, but I contacted me after a long time when I was asked for a hat last year. Since then, I went to SOHO's SOHO, drinking at night, and was involved in information every time.

The environment has changed from each other when I met each other, but he is a good partner as a designer as the solo artist Hiko -chan. This exhibition againHicosakaI was stimulated. really wonderful❗️ I can't wait until next year, a Japanese paper baseball cap that I ordered.❗️

Hiko -chan also made a cap of katsuyukikodama. The cap will soon appear in this online store. Please stay tuned.

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