1st: Writer Designer Journal

Recently, I decided to operate the SNS (Insta, FB, Twitter) of the personal account with a different approach.

SNS mainly expresses an image. Even though I am an individual's account, the brand itself is a signature brand including my name, so I think it's too much private part to put out my private part with an individual account ~, I think that the brand official account and the boundary of the personal account It became vague. That is why the personal account is not interesting, and the update frequency also decreased gradually, and this was almost unchanged.

Well, I thought it would be a backwear and I also played, but it's also a cumulative entertainer and it's bothersome to have multiple accounts. I felt that I was troubled, and after all I noticed myself from SNS, but I did not feel like I could raise the update frequency again. And in the first place, I did not say that.

Not tired of SNS to say, but the boundary of personal accounts and brand official accounts is caused by Moyamoya. Furthermore, since this blog does not write the thoughts of the individual sometimes, it was not possible to organize traffic, and it is also a fact that I was not really not understanding.

At that timeSituated site operated by Asahi ShimbunAt the TBS Report Agator at "Audio", I met the "drifting casters diary" of Caster's Kobe Mogi. This is the television's interview diary well that you often see on TV with the Caster of "Press Feature" of TBS program. The content is a day-to-day event and its subjectivity and objects, and there is a really interesting and ready reading!

From the moment I met "drifting casters diary"I decided to write a journal. The name is also "Writing Designer Journal". Since the daily journal is raised to SNS personal account, the text that is too long in SNS is Nan, so let's explain the journal on this blog! If you do so, you can revive various SNSs, and you may also be able to operate with this blog!

That's the first "Writing Designer Journal" and start.


Facebook: Katsuyuki kodama


May 28, 2021

While being swinging around Corona, the political use of Corona is right or left or more, and it is good enough to take off this darkness quickly, and I hope to get a new NORMAL-new usual normally.

We want to share our creations based on our happy ideas with everyone in a regular life.

Spending while being wrapped in such a craving, May end Friday.


[Commentary]Even in the morning and night, it is really fed up on the topic of Corona on TV and radio. At the rightly-friendly broadcasting station, the right-handed commentator, the left side of the liberal and the left-person broadcasting station, the left side of the left side is a material, and it will be walver every day, and the entertainer, the comedian, or young YouTuber, is also a comment Makes a mess with government policies and opposition trends.

The first time of Corona's at the beginning of Corona, I finally became likely to say anything, I thought that I was able to say anything, I thought it was funny, but I was watching the program, but I was watching a program, but a diamond princess issue The first emergency declaration, the night city cluster, Goto campaign, restaurant leave request, expenditure declaration from focusing method law, etc., and its extension, vaccination, etc., and by one and a half years In the continuing corona, one of the topics has been divided into the right or left. One of the factors is definitely a biased report by the media.

TVs and radios are already overtoofu and completely through the chest baking. Soon I want to escape from corona released from corona from the composition of people's conflict. And I would like to have an increasing number of creations in our creations in an environment where customers can deliver to customers.

"COVID19, LEAVE ME ALONE ......... (Corona, let me leave) '' s cry of my heart.


May 31, 2021

He dug up the origin buried in the sand.

Anger, destruction, anti-system ... ...

As with the path I had walked, I decided to express the shout of the resignation against the absence Monday.

Standing walls,
Would you break or break?

My Creation Journey, who knew the answer ...

[Commentary]Sunday evening of the previous day,NHK BS4K Special Programs The documentary program "Youdia Mamoto-Space-to-Space" aired in May 2019 was aired on the NHK General Television of the terrestrial wave. This documentary was a fairly hottum, so I was very talking about this time, so I was glad when I knew the schedule for this re-broadcast, and I was looking forward to the day of the broadcast.

The content was in the time that various people were introduced in blogs and SNS, but I knew it slightly, but I watched the actual program and watching YamamotoChasing the actual appearance and behavior of KojiThe power strength of the image was overlapped, and I felt so much that I forgot the blinking.

YamamotoThe origin of the clothes making is "anger", and its "anger" has come from the "gap" with the mother who fostered the mother who lost his father and fell in the war widow and grew up in wealth , I want to express the indignation for the absence in the world through the clothes, it may be possible to do the expression of the ideology, etc.YamamotoEven while I know that Mr. Koji was always bad, the originYamamoto Yamamoto I was impressed that I could watch the figure to speak as an image.

I realized that I had to do it now. He dug up my irony's origin that was covered with the darkness of corona.

My creation journey started slowly again starting from the origin.

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