At the center of "20s of crazy noisy"

The number of people infected with Corona has decreased dramatically since September.It seems that the number of people who finished the second vaccination has reached the level of the Europe and the United States, and came here.The effect of vaccination has begun to appear.Corona has steadily spreading the hopeful observation that it is finally going to convergence, and it is as if the city has returned to the corona. Many people are back in department stores and fashion buildings. This sensation, which is "finally" or "finally", is back in an environment where a legitimate business can be done, and the warrior trembling does not stop from the core of the body because of the joy of coming to the main battlefield.

This weekend, when I was watching TV, a live video in front of the station in Florence, Italy was flowing. It's the same as the landscape of European and American towns, including the United States and the United KingdomEven in FlorenceMany people who do not mask go to the plaza in front of the station, and the open cafes around Santa Maria Novella and the city are full of people, and the determination and determination of the people are projected through images. I was.

Because it is a good idea in Japan, it is only necessary to relieve the Corona regulation more and more with reference to such a figure in Europe and the United States, but in a wide show, "new mutant stock" and air infection that is different from droplet infection. I'm tired of going on the "aerosol infection" and "breaks -through infection", which is infected with corona even if vaccinated twice, drips many times every day and keeps the people scared.

Until the evidence of almost no corona has been confirmed in overseas demonstration experiments, the postcorona era will not arrive in Japan! I'll affirm here. Whether you're really hitting Ishibashi or too cautious, Japan values ​​public welfare too much. I'm jealous of Europe and the United States, which respects individual freedom.

From September to Spring / Summer 2022 Women's fashion week started in NY and Europe. Due to the influence of the pandemic, most of the shows with spectators have shifted to online announcements in the past year and a half, but this season many brands have revived the runway, and the fashion world is about to be excited. 。

As a keyword of the collection, brands such as "Glamorous" and "SEDUCTION" are noticeable. You can see that you can get a strong message from the brand that you can escape from the corona evil while enjoying "beauty" and "gloss". It is exactly "Out of the Cellar".

In the postcolona era, the "20s of the crazy noisy" came back. Corona's national leaders in the 2020s, 100 years after the 1920sThe political turmoil and the sluggish economy achieve dramatically growing by culture. The center of this culture is fashion, and "beauty" and "gloss" lead to human hearts. Such confident determination has been launched in a collection of European and American brands. It is exactly the madness of "culture" due to "beauty" and "gloss".

The only way to destroy fashion demand and wishes around the world for a year and a half has to ignite consumers' hearts. We are not such a coward to not get on this trend after fearing Corona after this.

 The theme of katsyukikodama's 2022 spring / summer collection is "Desirable Days". "Overcoming Corona and next summer is wonderful days ~Desirable DaysThe theme with the wish of wanting to welcome is the same as the Western brands running at the tip of the times.

Katsuyukikodama's collection promises to be in the center of crazy noisy.

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