Store MAISON PARADDDLE relocation information

Hello #chika.

When I felt autumn, the cold suddenly increased. Are you all the same?

Although the report has been delayed, Maison Paradiddle in both countries in Tokyo has moved to a nearby area about 10m.

The new store was previously an electric bicycle container -type showroom called SUPER73 and Archon. Taking advantage of that, it is the birth of a cool Maison Paradiddle container shop.

In the building area of ​​Tokyo, it has become a shop where green shines in low -rise.

Speaking of fashion towns, West Tokyo. Neighbors were surprised at the fact that there was a fashion shop in both countries in East Tokyo, and many times, "It's hard to enter," but this time it is becoming more and more difficult to enter. 。

Compared to fashion buildings, the roadside store seems to have the courage to enter. In addition, the courageous behavior of climbing the stairs and entering the store.

If you compare it, I feel it is a "secret base with glass." Speaking of the secret base, the store in front of Shibuya -ku was a mirrored secret base located on the 1st floor of the basement. Don't be in common with it. I feel nostalgic.

This is what it's like inside the store. This shop is a place where you can enjoy the layout.

This is the office and store where I am resident. At first glance, I don't think there are people because the store is not continuing, but it is a two -step type that moves the room. This is the same as the Shrine in front of Jingumae. There are some places that are not used to the operation, but I hope you will gradually get used to it. I'm going to put my hands on the interior little by little.

Even stores in Tokyo and both countries are not the purpose of purchasing a product, but it is okay to use it just to see and just listen to the story.

Please come to play at a secret base with a glass.

 New address: 1-4-1 Kamezawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

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