想像していた未来像 / The future we have imagined











After getting back from Paris, I have got an enormous number of appointments. I have many meetings with many people about various subjects in our showroom in Jingumae and LAB in Yanagibashi. My crazy schedule is like an idle!

For my company that I started up in 2008 as a sole proprietor, this is the eighth term in 2010 since it became a company. Recalling the days that I just started my business and had plenty of free time, I can say that my current situation is great.

Saoko, Hisamatsu, and I, who started this business from the beginning, have always shared "anxiety and fear" and "hope and ambition" everyday.

Before launching KATSUYUKIKODAMA, our job was taking care of all procedures related to OEM and ODM. We just worked hard that time and were waiting for the time to come.

Now I really feel that this experience and the time we spent together were definitely nessesary to reach our current stage.

Rome was not built in a day. Yes I knew that, but I wished I could have make it come true next day many times. I was worried about my business seeing that people around me had been successful In their own business.

Inspite of the feeling of anxiety and fear, our pace of growth was not out of it. This is because we all had a strong unity. For the first years we had a lot of conflict and had too many unnecessary meetings even though our business was still very slow. lol And we didn't leave the office until the last train home.

At that time we had only a few things to do. I remember once we got a purchase order fax, we were just so excited together. We didn't have enough sleep working hard until later everyday, so I have caused a car accident due to drowsy driving.

Where we are now would not be reachable without these various experiences. I'm very happy with my current environment which is beyond the future we have imagined. I'm very thankful to people around us.

Well, I got to the office before 8:00am today. I fish up this blog before starting time and then have a blizzard of appointments. Now we have 10 people in this company. We enjoy here and live in the present here.


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