LAで過ごす晩夏 / Late summer in LA











I came back form LA.

Every year I go to LA during the first week of September. Spending 10 days in LA surrounded by dry and fresh air is the best to restore my energy.

I'm used to the local life with a car and I know lot of streets now. Not only LA, the United States itself is still a new country, so cities are laid out in a grid pattern. Street signs with four points of the compass made me confused at first. However, when I got used to it, I found out it was just simple.

Speaking of grocery shopping, I can buy things with the same price as local people because I have a member’s card. You can get 20%-30% discount with it. Also you see on the receipt saying "You saved $-- today". I was very surprised at the first time. But who doesn't want to save money by just registering to make a card!

America's consumer custom often makes me overwhelmed.

The best thing is "Return/Refund". Basically you can return anything after you actually buy it, such a as clothes, appliances, and so on. So you can return the clothes you have worn once without taking the tag away.

Even indoor plants can be returned in three months so actually you can exchange them with new ones if you claim that they just died. That means you can live with fresh plants exchanging them every three months...!

It's not only that. The right next day after having your car washed, you could ask for doing it over for free if you complain that it rained. Wait, rain is a natural phenomenon! It's crazy!

Although lots of these surprising things happen, I do love America.

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