[OneMade Collaboration Items]

It is an item of one point that can enjoy real handwriting.


【 Description of item 】

It is a minimalized wallet using Italian shoulder Numume.

Shoulder Numume is a leather type that can enjoy both natural small shevine and wild wrinkles at a part of the neck from the shoulder of the cowhide.

This wallet is unusual for our brand, this wallet appears adults, but because it uses shoulder numen, one point is one point, and a single point is a surprising one.

Tannin, a tanned leather, is a glossy wildly. A 10,000 yen bill can be stored in just sizes, and it is a long wallet with easy-to-use sizes that can be entered in Denim's hip pocket.


Card 12 steps-24 sheets (1 pocket 2 sheet storage settings)

Wallet 2 steps (10,000 yen bill / five thousand yen tags)

Taller 4 steps (Thousand yen tag size) coin case 1


Size / H10 W19 D3 cm

Material / exterior: Cowhide decor: Cowhide, rayon

Fastener / RIRI (made by Swiss)



Color: BLACK

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