W6YZ: JET-M2013560


Wiz W6YZ Jet-M

A combination of neon color polyester x black leather is a street design.
The insole is highly cushioned and is a design that wears a shark sole for outsole, so it is a design that is hard to get tired even if it wears.
There is also a retro atmosphere with classic, but stylish details are easier to remove casual sporty mode and are designed with a wide coordination.

· Material / polyester, cowhide, bottom material / synthetic bottom

Heel height / 3cm · platform height / 1.5 cm

· T-Type / Round Closing / Lace-up

· Production Country / CHINA


【W6YZ (with)】

Italian footwear brand established in 1974 started to his SS 2018,It is a new brand.

The fashion designer from Belgium "Walter Van Bay London" is an iconic brand with the design of "Walter Van Bay London" and distributing on the side of the main unit.
At the same time as a debut, we will exhibit at the Men's Fashion Brand's largest exhibition held in Florence and exhibit at the "Pitti IMergean Womo" and have received high praise from the Fashionista that gather from all over the world.
Classic retro atmosphere, stylish details offers casual, sporties, modes and a wide range of coordination.
Enchanted quality and productive designs can be enjoyed for a wide range of age groups as a fine sneaker.


color: ORANGE

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