W6yz: JET-M2013560



Hybrid model of polyester x cowhide x suede.

It is a design that shines the vivid color in a basic color that is easy to match with clothes.

The insole is highly cushioned, and the outsole uses a shark sole, so it is designed to be less tired even if you wear it for a long time.

Despite the classic and retro atmosphere, the stylish details are easy to match with casual sporty mode, and has a wide coordination design.

・ Material/polyester, cowhide/bottom material/synthetic bottom

・ Heel height / 3cm ・ Platform height / 1.5cm

・ Type/ round closing/ lace -up



[W6yz (with)]

The Italian FOOT WEAR brand established in 1974 started with SS 2018,It is an up -and -coming brand.

The motif of the "Spark (instantaneous flash)" on the side of the main unit is designed by Belgian fashion designer Walter Van Bay Lendonk.
At the same time as his debut, he exhibited at Pitti Imagine Womo, one of the largest exhibitions of men's fashion brands in Florence, and has been highly evaluated by fashionistas gathered around the world.
It has a classic and retro atmosphere, and stylish details can enjoy a wide range of coordination, casual, sporty, mode.
The solid quality and quality design made by a long -established store can be enjoyed in a wide range of ages as a high -quality sneaker.

colour: NAVY

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