¥3,850 ¥9,790

 This brand's first clothing item, IRONY TEE_COVID WARRIOR

 [Irony Tee Concept]

It is an item that intended to express the satire of many events that occur in the corona in an apparel item as IRONY (irony: antique, irony, satire).

Drive many people's interest in various current affairs and create the future with their own aspirations. I felt that it was our responsibility to live now.

I think the field of music, movies, art and fashion is the best to express IRONY.

As a medium that keeps the times as a record, this is the first clothing item that takes advantage of designer creation and irony in fashion and dropped into graphics and messages.

The base T -shirt uses a BRING body.

[What is BRING]

The "BRING" used for the body is a brand that collects unnecessary clothes, recycle as raw materials, and makes thread, fabric and clothes again.

It is a brand that is seriously working on "sustainable" and circulates resources.

See BRING's website for details of the activities.



【 Product Features 】

Using Bring Material's recycling polyester, it is a soft -drying material and a soft touch like cotton.

This is a technology realized by reproducing cotton fibers with polyester.

It also has a feature that suppresses the fluff on the surface and prevents polyester's unique pills.

Despite the simple silhouette for gender -free, the design is slightly longer behind the front. Although there are individual differences, it is a crew neck T -shirt that makes the back style longer and fits the body shape.

Titanium -derived ingredients kneaded in the thread float the light containing ultraviolet rays, preventing sunburn and preventing transparency. It is designed to reduce the outflow of microplastics, which causes marine pollution, with less missing microfibers.


M size:

Length 67.5 / Shoulder width: 48.0 / Bust 106.0 / Hem around 106.0 / Tennogi 13.5 / Sleeve length 22.5 / Capriccation 34.0 cm

L size:

Length 70.5 / Shoulder width: 50.0 / Bust 112.0 / Hem around 112.0 / Ten width 14.0 / Sleeve length 23.5 / Cuffs 35.0 cm

Material/ Recycling/ polyester 100%

Country of origin/ Japan


colour: BLACK

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