ONCE A MONTH/Back Pack_kk-225-ONE

$183.70 $366.30

Limited items made of transparent experimental materials


Limited quantity production item "ONCE A MONTH"

A backpack that replaces Density Mania Pack-6 with a new silhouette.

The bag itself is a torpolin of industrial materials and a PVC film.

The mysterious material on the front uses "transparent leather" produced by the Danish shoe brand "ECCO". (Please refer to below for ECCO leather)

An experimental leather that transparently made cowhide is a rare material in the world. I have been looking at this leather for 9 months from sample production to production, but I feel it is as if I was alive.

The combination of different materials is attractive, and it seems that you can enjoy various coordination with Sporty and Mode.

The shoulder is made of a 1cm thick rebellious cushion material, and the shoulder and back are not loaded. At the base of the shoulder, you can adjust it along your shoulder. There is an attachment that can fix the left and right shoulders on the chest.



ECCO provides not only the manufacture of leather products, but also leather created by the world to brands around the world. The leather materials touched in the ECCO LEATHER JAPAN exhibition room were all impressive with great processing technology.

ECCO TANARY, located in one of the world's leading countries, is also focusing on environmental consideration. Please see the ECCO LEATHER site. (Here) Please see from.


About handling transparent leather


I have seen this leather condition for nine months, but since it is a leather tanned in Europe, it seems that a little consideration is required in highly humid Asia. Don't worry about low humidity, such as Europe.

Cowhide may sweat when used in highly humid areas. During the rainy season in Japan, moisture may come out. In that case, wipe it off with a dry towel.

It is recommended that you do not place pouches and wallets that are worried about color transfer.

Because it is an experimental leather, it is a recommended item for those who can enjoy the texture.


Product Specifications

Size: 23 x 45 x 15 cm (width x height x gusset)

・ Exterior material: Tarpoline, cowhide (transparent processing), nylon mesh, PVC

・ Interior material: There is no lining, the pocket part is nylon mesh

・ Country of origin: JAPAN (HS Code/ 4202.92.000)

・ Weight: about 904 g

Color: WHITE

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