Dry bag with life jacket+IZAMESHI


* THIS PRODUCTS DO NOT SHIP Internationally.

"Life jacket and dry bag"LIVE AND SURVIVIVE (live & savevive) item.

This is a life jacket dry bagLong -term preserved food "IZAMEHI" in the event of a disasterIt is a set sale.

"IZAMESHI" is a long -term preserved food that focuses on deliciousness under the theme of "from stockpile to long -term preserved foods that can be eaten deliciously". This time, we combine a set of "power set" for three meals that emphasize satisfaction.

[IZAMESHI set contents]

① Rice × 1 ② stewed hamburger × 1 ③ Soy sauce ramen × 1 ④ Maple Danish × 1 ⑤ black mitsukinako mochi × 1 * Shelf expiration date: 3 years (from manufacturing date) ⑥ 7 years preserved water 500ml × 1 Accessories: Spoon × 1 This * preserved food and water will deliver products within six months from manufacturing. * Please refer to the quality display below for the raw material notation of each product.


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