LIFE JACKET + Drybag with Izameshi 【Reservation for sale】


* This Products do not ship internationally.

【Reservation sale item / Emergency food "IZAMESHI" set for sale]

For purchase for reservation for sale 1 gift for replacement gas bonabe 18g is presented!

Life jacket and driver combinedLive and Survive (Live & Savive) Item. We will make a reservation for a period from May 30, 202 to July 25.

This is a life jacket driver,Long-term preservation food "IZAMEHI (Izamehi)" provided at the time of disasterSet of sales.

"IZAMESHI" is a long-term storage food that is sticking to the taste on the theme of "to long-term storage eating food that can be delicious from the stockpiling". This time, a set of three meals of satisfaction with a sense of satisfaction is combined with "power set".


【IZAMESHI set contents】

1 4 stewed hamburger x 1 3 soy sauce ramen x 1 4 maple Dainish x 1 5 black Mitsuki Kako x 1 * Property deadline: 3 years (from date of manufacture) 67 years Save water 500 ml × 1 Accessories: Spoon × 1 Book * Save food, water will deliver products within half a year from manufacturing. * Please refer to the following quality display for the raw material notation of each product.


· Product delivery schedule

It will be shipped sequentially as soon as it is scheduled to arrive in late July.


· About settlement

This item is a reservation sales item, and in the case of settlement on the card, the card payment procedure is performed the next day of the purchase procedure. Please note that the point is settled with the product that is unlocked.



Detail isHerePlease refer to

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