Dentian mania Pac-1-m-hybrid / kk1080-m-hdd

¥38,940 ¥64,900

This is the icon model of this brand, the size of pack-1.

It is excellent for backpack and body bag.

The body uses the original leather fabric to accent the cow leather. It is suitable for the business scene from mode street to business scene with moderate volume feeling, light quality texture, and arrangement.

No. 10 zipper, casual tape down on the side. It consists of three layers of front, main and back, and each side has a back pocket. The back pocket is equipped with a sleeve capable of storing up to 13 inch personal computer and tablet. The core of 4 layers is put on the back to reduce the tip and prevents the bag from collapsing. The shoulder is a sandwich of the thick core of the repulsion. Shoulders are comfortable and comfortable.

H47w32d18 cm / size

Material: polyester, cow leather, sheep leather, polyurethane interior: nylon, PVC


Color: NAVY

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