Blooming / W Zip Malti Case Clutch / Wallet_KK1069-GFT

¥22,000 ¥64,900

Maison Brands Italy is a luxurious clutch type wallet with the ITALE RAMPONI's studs.

The studs are processed in real Italy, and sewing is one point of high quality that was carefully sewed in Japan. Fastener uses RACCAGNI in Italy.

The structure consists of two rooms, one room accommodates smartphone, passbook, passport, etc. Another room is a wallet. Those who do not have a break are attached to a removable handle to be able to use it as a clutch.

It is an item that makes the presence of sparkling as a mere wallet, not a standing view.

Card: 12 steps-24 sheets (1 pocket 2 sheet storage settings)

Wallet: 3 steps (10,000 yen bill from common to thousand yen pills)

Coin Case: 1 Smartphone Case: Width: 20 / Height 11 cm (with pocket on left and right)

Size / H 20.5 W 12.5 D 4 cm

Material / exterior: cowhide furniture: Cowhide, rayon fastener: RACCAGNI

Production Country / Japan

Weight / about 500 g

Color: BLACK

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