Blooming / LONG WALLET_KK1065-GFT


A long wallet that looks beautiful

At first glance, it is a long wallet that does not look like a wallet, but makes your appearance look beautiful.

Luxuriously using the Maison brand purveyor Italian RAMPONI's studs at the front desk.

It is an item that has been studded in Italy, carefully sewn in Japan, so you can experience a certain quality.

The 10,000 yen bill can be stored in just size, and it is easy to use in denim hip pockets. There is a card storage pocket on both sides of the main unit, which is a fulfilling storage capacity.


Product Specifications

Storage: Card 12 steps -24 pieces storage (2 pockets 2 pieces storage settings)

Size: 10 × 19 × 3 cm (height x width x thickness)

Material: (Exterior) Cowhide (interior) Cowhide, rayon (fastener) Raccagni/Made in Italy

Country of origin: JAPAN

Weight: 280g

Color: BLACK

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