Blooming / Long Wallet_KK1065-GFT


It is a long wallet that uses the studs of Maison brands and the studies of Maison brands, Italy.

The studs are processed in Italy, and sewing is an item that allows you to experience certain quality that is carefully sewed in Japan.

A 10,000 yen bill can be stored in just sizes and is easy to use in Denim's hip pocket. The card storage pocket is on both sides and is a fully storage power.


Card 12 steps-24 sheets (1 pocket 2 sheet storage settings)

Size / H10 W19 D 3 cm

Material / exterior: Cowhide interior: Cowhide, rayon fastener: RACCAGNI (manufactured by Italian)

Production Country / Japan

Weight / 280 g

Color: BLACK

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